Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Lots of interest in feeding economics

Mike Hutjens, Dave Fischer and Dick Walace from the U of Illinois presented a webinar concerning feeding economics last week. I put a copy of the presentation on my site, and today, I got an e-mail from slideshare saying the following:

"We've noticed that your slideshow on SlideShare has been getting a LOT of views in the last 24 hours. Great job ... you must be doing something right. ;-) #bestofslideshare"

We've had over 300 views of the presentation in a week. That's a lot for a fairly narrow topic, like dairy production. Guess the announcements on Dairy-L and AABP-L helped. Lots of interest in the topic.

The archive of the audio/visual combined presentation is at

The power of the interconnected web is really on display.

Hope that helps.