Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Posilac sold to Lilly's Elanco Animal Health Unit: Updated 10/08 reports that this sale has been finalized.

The Dow Jones Newswire reports that Monsanto is selling the Posilac product (sometribove) that includes the rights to the product and plant to produce the product to Eli Lilly & Co's Elanco Animal Health unit in a posting today. The Lilly press release is also available today.

Elanco has marketed the product outside of the US for some time, so this change makes some sense. The company's press release indicates that the sales force will be merged into the "Elanco business."

Many of the critics of rbST were focused on the 'Monsanto boogeyman' that included genetically modified organizisms. With this split of rbST being sold by one company and Monsanto continuing to sell genetically modified seeds for crops, it will be interesting to watch the critics and see if having multiple targets makes their attacks less visible in the press.

Recently England's royal buffoon, Prince Charles, said in an interview with the UK's Daily Telegraph that increased use of genetically modified organisms to solve the world's food shortage crisis would lead to environmental disaster. Informed members of Parliment called him a "Luddite".

It should be noted that many critics of genetically modified foods, including Prince Charles, have a financial interest in products that compete with conventionally produced food.

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